Examples of Successful Projects

Explore how we have transformed ideas into interactive websites, delivering exceptional online experiences


Implemented projects

ux/ui design
custom software
web development
mobile app

We redesigned the website, as a result of which SheMax received a fast, multilingual online store with a modern design it’s a huge data of incredible animals, their  lifestyle and behavior, habitat, diet and nutrition, conservation status


Open an online store and sell online is an online store selling Swiss cosmetics “ Colose ”. Developed on CMS WordPress using Woocommerce plugin.

Nothing inspires us more than the challenge of finding the right solution for a complicated problem. Above all, we are dedicated to building unique applications for our clients. As our company matures, we’ve stayed focused on what really matters: attracting and retaining global talent, developing dynamic solutions that leverage the latest technologies, and maintaining successful partnerships with our clients.


The Pidhirya Hotel is a place where all conditions are created for a comfortable holiday at any time of year

PMS (Property management system) is a hotel management system

As part of one of the projects, we developed an aggregator platform where wholesale suppliers offer their goods. Later, we created an online store, to which categories and products are automatically uploaded from the aggregator site.

Elsen – is one of the leading engineering companies, founded in 2013, which develops, creates, and integrates the most efficient technologies in the field of heating and water supply. The company also conducts seminars and webinars for partners on the technical characteristics and features of equipment installation

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