case - Reflex it’s a huge data of incredible animals, their  lifestyle and behavior, habitat, diet and nutrition, conservation status

About the project

About the project

It’s an exciting journey from equator to polar, from depths of the sea to mountain peaks. Here you can explore every corner of our mysterious planet, discover unknown for you species, admire diversity of known ones and enjoy the beauty around us. Colorful pictures, comprehensive information, classifications, grouping of animals on various grounds, funny and cute facts for children, this is the whole kingdom of animal, this is Animalia

Responsive layout

Fully responsive layout renders beautifully on all screens, including mobile phones and laptops

Full-text search

We have implemented Elastic Enterprise Search service, with a complete set of specialized tools that make it easy to organize full-text search and give users the best answers, every time

S3 Object Storage

We have imported all images to S3.Using S3-compatible Linode Object Storage allows store data across a cluster of servers for high availability and durability

Speed optimization

We have updated the PHP version and a lot of modules. The hosting plan has also been changed

Importing data

We have created a module for importing animal data and photos from csv files

Lists and collections

Grouping of animals on some grounds – habitat, appearance, lifestyle and etc


The Reflex solution

First of all, approached us with the task of optimizing the filtering functionality. After the optimization, the company set us a number of tasks and we continued to work together. During the cooperation, our developers have made an updated design and mobile version, connected full-text search service Elastic Search. In the process, it became clear that to speed up the site you need to update the PHP version and most of the modules, which was done. To fill the content faster, we have developed the functionality of importing animal data from csv-files. We also developed the import of images, which after optimization are stored in the S3 object storage Linode

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