case - online store of equipment for beauty salons

We redesigned the website, as a result of which SheMax received a fast, multilingual online store with a modern design

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About the project

About the project

SheMax is the largest factory in Ukraine for the production of premium equipment for beauty salons. In 2023, the company was included in the Forbes Next250 list.

The company contacted us to improve the user experience and fix a number of issues on their website. After analyzing its performance, we came to the conclusion that the design and functionality of the previous version of the site was outdated and didn't meet modern demands, so it needed to be updated.  To install the design that the company liked, we needed to update the CMS Opencart. Since the site was already functioning, we were faced with the task of transferring existing data to the updated site, with full preservation of functionality. We successfully coped with this task. After the launch, a number of other improvements were implemented: simplified the user's path to place an order, customized mobile version for more convenient use, added display of all possible options in the product card, and others.


Responsive layout

Adaptive makes it easy to use the site on different devices – phones, tablets, and computers

Multilingual online store

The site is designed to be multilingual for convenient ordering by users from different countries

Admin Panel

A convenient administration panel allows you to easily view orders, fill the site with goods and publish promotions

SEO Optimization

Basic optimization is performed according to the recommendations of search engines

Importing data

Data was transferred from the old version of the site to the updated one

Displaying product options

Show similar products in a different color in the product card


The Reflex solution

Catalog and product card

A well-thought-out customer journey for easy website navigation, selection of necessary products, and quick ordering. The product card displays full information about the product and its characteristics, as well as variants of this product in other colors.

Animated catalog and company information

We have implemented an animated catalog in the form of a flipping magazine for convenient and effective familiarization of customers with the company, the production process and its assortment.

After updating the website, the company received a fast, multilingual online store with a modern design that allows users to place orders from any type of device.


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