PMS - hotel management system

PMS (Property management system) is a hotel management system

About the project

About the project

The system allows you to create and fill a hotel from scratch. Convenient booking management functionality, including a visual tool – a room calendar. Integration with Channel Manager allows you to synchronize bookings, availability information and current rates between hotels and OTAs (online travel agencies) such as, Airbnb, etc. You can also connect a restaurant and bar management system to the PMS. 

Starting the development of MVP PMS, we examined existing hotel management systems. There were quite a few of them. Based on the operation of the most popular systems, we have built the information structure of the future PMS. With its help, we formed a User Story Map, where we described the main PMS blocks and the functionality that they should include. Based on the User Story Map, a Backlog was formed for further implementation using the Scrum methodology. At the end of each sprint, testing was carried out and, if necessary, adjustments were made regarding further development

Room calendar

An integral part of PMS is the Room Calendar. Allows you to visualize the state of the room fund and manage it – specify the booking period, cancel the booking, add rooms to the cleaning queue, remove rooms from the existing room fund and hand them over for repairs

Channel manager

PMS includes a Channel Manager feature to quickly sync bookings with, and more. As well as transmit data on the availability of free rooms and their current cost

Filling system

A convenient and intuitive room fund editing system allows you to quickly fill in or edit hotel rooms, specify their characteristics and equipment

Cleaning and repair system

The system allows you to assign a person responsible for cleaning, as well as automate the distribution of cleaning tasks between staff, depending on the type of cleaning and the size of the room. When a room is handed over for repair, it is temporarily removed from the room stock, the repair status is displayed in a room calendar

Dynamic pricing

PMS provides the ability to automatically adjust rates based on hotel occupancy. The system analyzes the ratio of occupied rooms to the total number and adjusts the cost of living

Restaurant management system

The PMS includes a restaurant management system that allows you to control the technological processes in the restaurant and bar of the hotel


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