Dedicated development team

Dedicated development team

Dedicated development team - is a cooperation model with an external development team in which a client and the development team work together

Dedicated development team

The Dedicated Team Model Advantages

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Flexibility and Adaptability

The dedicated team model provides the flexibility to adapt to changing project needs. As the project progresses, requirements may change or new ideas may emerge. A dedicated team responds quickly to these changes, making it easy to make modifications and adjustments.

Long-Term Relationship

The dedicated team model aims to establish long-term working relationships between our clients and team members. This contributes to a deeper understanding of the client's business, improved productivity and improved project outcomes over time.

Fast Development

The team members in the dedicated model are assigned exclusively to your project. They are fully focused on the successful implementation of the project. This improves performance and speed of implementation.

Economically Reasonable

The Dedicated Team mode is a suitable option because you get the team that is already set up for the project you need and you don’t need to spend your time considering numerous candidates, their benefits and drawbacks, and working skills. In the end, you have enough time to concentrate on the project itself.

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How the Dedicated Team Model Generally Works?

Team Composition

Members of the dedicated team are selected according to their skills and experience required for the project. The team consists of a project manager, developers, designers and testers.


The dedicated team concentrates only on working on one project or one customer. As a result, team members may devote their whole attention to the project’s objects and specifications because they are not working on other business projects.

Cooperation with clients

The team works closely with the client, they communicate regularly to understand the goals of the project, make updates and receive feedback. This close collaboration ensures that the team has a good understanding of the project and allows for timely adjustments throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Project management

The dedicated team model includes a project manager who oversees the activities of the team, manages deadlines, and ensures that project goals are met. The project manager acts as the central point of contact for the client, facilitates communication within the team, and coordinates tasks and deliverables.

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