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Tilda integration with Bitrix24

Installed in Bitrix24 add-on “Tilda Publishing Forms”. You can either work in the “Additional” distribution.

Next, in tilde, go to “Setting up the site” → “Forms”, and then in the “Customer Management Systems (CRM)” section, we know Bitrix24 and fill in the required fields. In the first month, we will store the subdomain of your public record in Bitrix24;

After the connection between the tilde and the bitrix, we turn to the “Form” sub-detail, that in the “Connected Services” sub-detail we go to “Nalashtuvannya”;


To change the theme of the application, it is necessary to insert the template in the field “Subject of the application” in the settings of the Bitrix in paragraph 3:

Where {{good}} is the form field of the same name. You can use multiple variables from the form. To create a field in a tilde, you need to go to the site editing page, go down to the required form and click the “Content” button:

Next, in the window that opens, in the “Receiving data from the form” block, be sure to set the checkbox with Bitrix24 connected. Then we click on the arrow “Input fields” the accordion opens, in it we add the required field. You can add a hidden field or a normal one:

In the future, we write the same variable in the Subject of the application, placing it in double curly braces {{good}}. Next, click the “Save and close” button and publish the changes on the site. In the future, after submitting the form with a tilde, a lead will be created in Bitrix, the name of which is formed from the subject of the application:

A custom field called UF_CRM_GOOD will also be created in the lead. From other created fields in the form, new custom fields will also be created according to the UF_CRM_{field name in the form} principle:

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